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These are the world's ultimate mini-systems

Voici le texte original de présentation de la Reference, tel que Teac l'affichait à la sortie de série, sur l'ancienne version de son site (1998).

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Design the world's ultimate mini-systems, combining the virtues of the finest hi-fi separates with the convenience of full system integration. We didn't compromise. Neither should you.

Gold-anodized fascias, machined from 10mm thick aluminum, immediately declare these hi-fi components as special. Look deeper and you will find advanced electronics honed to satisfy the keenest senses of the most discerning audiophile.

Unlike all-in-one mini-systems, the TEAC Reference Series is sold as separate components, each with its own power supply, so you can custom-tailor a system to suit your tastes. You can start with a basic configuration now, and add additional components later if you like.

All components are controlled by the remote control supplied with the Reference Series amplifiers. Built-in Artificial Intelligence allows for instinctive response to your commands. For example, selecting "Play" on the CD player will not only engage "Play" but also will automatically switch the amplifier's input selector to the "CD" position.

As TEAC introduces new sound technologies in the future, you won't need to replace your entire audio system, as you would with conventional all-in-one systems. You will be able to simply add the newest Reference Series components to your existing Reference system.

This combination of sophisticated engineering, quality construction, true hi-fidelity performance, and classic styling, is why the TEAC Reference Series is so highly acclaimed throughout the world by the toughest audio critics.

These are the world's ultimate mini-systems.

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